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Think of your spine as the foundation of a house.  A shift in the foundation below has the potential to change the the entire structure of the house above. If that abnormal foundation is not addressed, you will eventually end up with cracked walls, uneven floors, and doors that no longer close properly. 

In this situation you have two choices:

Choice #1

You can hire someone to come and patch the cracks, level the floors, and fix the doors.  Those people are good at their job and they will do good work for you.  But in the back of your mind you have the expectation that those problems will need to be....

Repaired again... and again... and again in the future...

And each time you ignore the foundation, you must understand that the real problem is getting progressively worse, and worse,  over time...

Choice #2  (the better option)

You can hire an expert who specialises in foundation problems.  This person will come and assess the foundation and find the source of your problems.  He will give you a specific solution to address your specific situation and let you know how to get your house back to normal over time.

This does not mean that you will not need someone to address the walls or the floors as well.  If the foundation has shifted severely out of place, or if the foundation ihas been shifted for a long period of time, it is possible that you may need several people to help return the house to its normal state.

So the big question in our mind should be... How can I Get Back to Normal?

At Precision Health Centre, rather than constantly repairing damage, we have chosen to correct the underlying foundation and help your body to return to its Normal Structure.

Of course our services aren’t for everyone.  However, if you are tired of constantly patching your problems and you’re looking for a Long-Term Solution that you can Feel and actually See for yourself, then we may be the right place for you.  


Traditional Chinese Therapies, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy

Traditional Chinese Therapies, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, and Massage are mainly used to treat specific problems in the body.  These therapists will typically have the following goals

Improving the body's energy or fluid levels, improving muscle tone, and eliminating symptoms.

Depending where the imbalance is detected determines the type of treatment that may recommended.  And these practitioners may be trained in several different treatment methods.

While these practitioners are generally focused on using natural means, their major goal is still the temporary removal of symptoms.

Traditional Chiropractic Therapy and Physiotherapy

Traditional chiropractic often resembles physiotherapy, and they are both used to treat musculoskeletal problems only.  Traditional Chiropractors and Physiotherapists will typically have the following goals:

Decreasing Muscle Spasms, Increasing Range of Motion, and Reducing Pain

Traditional Chiropractors and Physiotherapists will typically use general manipulations, stretches, exercises, and physiotherapy modalities to accomplish these goals. 

We believe these chiropractors and physiotherapists are great at what they do.  But this type of care falls under the umbrella of what we call symptom relief, or pain management.

Instead of achieving any kind of true correction you begin to rely on these treatments like a natural (and sometimes expensive) Panadol.  Merely giving you a temporary relief from your symptoms.

NeuroStructural Correction

(the better option)

At Precision Health Centre we focus on Neuro-Structural Correction.

First, we use a very detailed and specific analysis to locate any Structural Abnormalities in the Spine.

We then determine how these Structural Abnormalities are affecting your body, and if they are the cause of any Secondary Conditions that you may be experiencing.

We then utilise Specific Corrections, NeuroStructural Re-Patterning and Joint-To-Joint Mobility to correct these Structural Abnormalities over a period of time. 

NeuroStructural Correction is accomplished without the use of drugs or surgeries.  We provide each and every patient with an individual plan of care, and we take great pride in our results.

A Consultation Is Never A Commitment.

We will listen to your questions and concerns, and give you a list of your healthcare options. If we can help with your case, we will give you all of the information that you need to make an informed decision.

The Spine & Nerve Centre

We are the experts in Neuro-Structural Correction! Find out more about what we do here.  Or give us a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Doctors. 

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What Is A Structural Abnormality?

Why do people get such great results from our care?  Because we have the most advanced NeuroStructural analysis in Singapore.  What do we focus on?  Why are we different?

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You will receive: A Consult with a Chiropractic Spine & Nerve Specialist with over 10 years of experience! We offer the most thorough Spinal Health Evaluation available in Singapore, plus 4 key medical tests not done in any other clinic! You will also receive a Complete Review of your tests with the Doctor, as well as your first Chiropractic Treatment!


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